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27 十二月

1 十二月


“Forget Art” (Dragon Fountain Bathhouse,Beijing)


A show where no works were labeled and most blended right  into the context of its non-art site,this exhibition,curated by Ma Yongfeng, is only one example of a younger circle operating apart from previous models of contemporary Chinese art.Though mixing art and the everyday is nothing new in Europe and America,it’s an interesting orientation for us during this post-hype chill, given China’s recent market bubble and its preference for work in which Chinese symbols are tactically applied to critique abroad social themes-and it is perhaps exactly what’s needed for strategizing future battles. As the name of Ma’s scene suggests(and I’m not the first to note),maybe the best strategy in China right now “for getting” art is just to “forget” it.


December 2010, ARTFORUM


English Link  http://www.artforum.com/inprint/id=26861

Chinese Link  http://artforum.com.cn/inprint/201010/3215


about The Artists’ Artists

to take stock of the past year, ARTFORUM contacted an international group of artists to find out which exhibitions and events were, in their eyes, the very best of 2010.

26 九月

来自曹斐博客  Cao Fei’s Blog


“Location: Dragon Fountain Bathhouse”, forget art Project, curate by Ma Yongfeng, 8th Sep, 2010,Beijing.

“地点:龙泉洗浴” forget art Project,策划:马永峰,9月8日,2010,草场地,北京


像forget art project这样的艺术新气象,即排斥过去中国符号式战略以及关注宏大社会命题的创作方向,在近年



许正需要这样的平静时刻才可以让中国当代艺术思考如何挑战未来的下一战。如timeout beijing的一篇展评写到:

“你可以理解为他们要做的是For Get Art,也可以是Forget Art。”


by Cao Fei to ArtForum December issue 2010, “The artists’ artists” column. This column invite artists

from the world to pick for their “Best of 2010″ to write 50 – 100 words on show/event/performance

from past year.


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