forget art fair is a mini art fair with only one booth, which tries to switch and stretch the conception and function of the art fair. Forget Art Fair is also try to explore a new pattern of exhibition and sale while Chinese contemporary art places an over reliance on commercial galleries. Then new pattern takes samples from the traditional art fairs and assemble them with limits in different non-for-profit spaces and museums; besides, it tries to blur the difference between experimental project and commercial sale.


forget art fair 是只有一个摊位的迷你艺博会,他试图在艺术博物馆、双年展和画廊的语境中重新转换和延伸艺博会的概念和功能。forget art fair也是在中国当代艺术过分依赖商业画廊的情况下试图为年轻艺术家找到一种新的展示和销售模式。这种模式不仅会从传统的艺博会采样,将其有限制的拼贴在不同的非盈利和博物馆空间中,而且试图混淆和模糊实验性项目和商业销售之间的关系。

It will appear firstly in ALIBI,a group show at Linda Gallery on June 4th


现场图片  live picture

杨健的LED装置 《…..想要离开》


吴小军的霓虹灯装置《don’t be afraid》

意大利艺术家Alessandro Rolandi的不锈钢雕塑作品《一》